HP Printer is not Printing

HP Printer is not Printing


A non-functional printer can affect our regular printing jobs and can lead us to despair. When there is no definite goal of troubleshooting, then the level of frustration can not be defined in words. In situations where you do not have an idea of ​​what is going wrong with your printer, anyone should find out the exact cause and the spectrum of possibilities to find the solution. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you can contact HP customer support to resolve your problem.

Here are some basic aspects that should be considered when the printer stops responding or slows down its performance.

Poor Connection:

This is a key and important factor that ensures the functioning of your printer. Generally, we do not pay attention to the slight details of cable and proper supply of electricity through cable and wires. In case of your computing device and wireless printer, the flickering connection of the printer with the network may also cause your printer inability to give expected results. Setup, configuration, and connectivity are essential aspects, which should be ensured in case of any bottleneck while using your printer.


Your printer requires ink, properly installed cartridge, paper and toner. Any unavailable component can take your device to offline mode and prevent you from accessing printing services. Keep track of printer settings and modify them according to the status quo, regularly ink level, onscreen printer manager and paper tray alert check. In case of reduction, replace consumables. In addition, sometimes some temporary disturbances such as paper jam can block the printer, which need to be recovered immediately to accept printing services.

Printing Queues:

Sometimes queued jobs get stuck in the queue and stop the full list of jobs. To check any of the stained printing jobs, you can take help from the on-screen printing manager. To maintain stable job flows, there is a need to stop the manual manually and forcefully withdraw the queue. Check the printing manager and remove the job that is keeping the whole queue with you and stopping your hardware from giving proper feedback. If you are getting a message on the front panel or there is an error code.

Driver Software:

Drivers are an essential part of the printing system that maintains healthy relationships between computers and printers. As the operating system, drivers need to update regularly and equivalent importance. For example, if you are upgrading or updating Windows, then you have to update the drivers to balance the compatibility factor. In addition, always use official websites to download drivers for a particular device, such as you are using HP printer, you have to install your drivers from authorized sources.

In the case of emergency:

If you are stuck at a points when the situation is no longer in your control, the HP printer customer support is the right choice to get a perfect solution for your concern. The experts will help you in such a way that you feel there was never a problem with your printer.

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