HP Printer Support Phone Number

1-800-245-6042 (Toll Free)

The Hewlett-Packard Company (referred to as HP), has come up with a wide range of hardware equipment as well as software and related services for all sort of consumers-home use, small, medium size business and large enterprises. HP has all types of printer solutions-Color, Black & White, single & multi function, standalone, Network and ink & laser printers. These are all mechanical devices and being mechanical, it can at some point run into problems and break down. It could be due to hardware, software, operating system or firewall issues. Our experts can swiftly diagnose the issue and help fix your printer. You may call anytime to our HP Printer Support Phone Number.

Benefits of HP Printer Support Number

Printers being a regularly useable device. They have known to be prone to various problems on a daily basis. Paper jamming, an unresponsive behavior of the printer, connectivity issues are only some of the main problems of the HP Printers that come up. In the rush of the moment, it becomes inconvenient for us to analyze and diagnose the problem ourselves. As such the user now looks for HP Printer Tech Support Phone Number that can help him/ her in taking care of the problems with ease and swiftness.

Dial HP Printer Support Phone number for round the clock expert advice and help for your tech problems. In this fast pacing world, it is impeccable for services to be fast along with being effective and suitable enough for the user. Satisfying the customers is our prime objective here at Dial HP Printer Support Tech Number. We believe in the motto, ‘A happy customer is a returning customer’.

HP Printer Support For All Series

We believe customer satisfaction (CS) is the starting point of all corporate activities, and that it is essential to know what the customer expects and wants in order for us to reach higher levels of CS. When you receive support from our Printer Support team, we will ensure your issue resolution. We put our efforts with to get the issue fix. So, leave your worry on us and lets work together to make better day.

HP has all types of printer (Envy, Photosmart, Officejet, Deskjet, Laserjet) solutions-Color, Black & White, single & multi function, standalone, Network and ink & laser printers. These are all mechanical devices and being mechanical, it can at some point run into problems and break down. It could be due to hardware, software, operating system or firewall issues.

But technology may disappoint you sometimes when it stops functioning. Some of the common issues are taking longer to print and scan. No black print or color print, Spooler error, printer offline, communication error, printer not available. It’s likely to makes us frustrated. And it makes us more frustrated when we have to search the phone numbers for the support team and then wait in long ques. Its time you leave all your all stress on us. Every time you call us for support, you needn’t wait, we have zero wait time. With our specialized services, we will make sure your printer never stops printing.

Common Problems With HP Printer

Printer Won’t Print in Black

Check estimated ink level, Replace low or empty ink cartriges, Check Ink cartriges are properly sealed, Clean printhead.

Getting Printer Spooler error

Printer spooler might become corrupt or the printer spooler service may fail, resulting in failed printer jobs. You need to reset the printer spooler service and clean its contents.

HP Printer Offline

Make sure USB or Ethernet cable or wireless model are connected. Make sure you have install correct printer drive in computer.

Missing or Failed Printhead

Missing or Failed printhead error message display on printer control panel and the printer does not print. An unlatched or improperly sealed printhead cause this error.

Faded or Fuzzy Black Text

The black text in a printout is faded or fuzzy. The black text can not apper as clear as expected. The issue might only appear on one end of line of text rather than throughtout the entire block of text.

Printer Won’t connect to Wifi

It happened when printer wireless is not turn on or you have entered incorrect network information in the printer.

HP Printer Support Warranty Extension Benefits

  • Our Extended warranty also covers your device after the general warranty gets over for the product.
  • We will ensure your problem resolution.
  • A service plan gives you a complete peace of mind.
  • An extended warranty is a safegaurd againest unexpected problems.
  • Our extended warranty also helps you save money.

Self  Services for Hp Printer Support

Dell-Printer Diagnose
On Windows Upgrade

  1. Search Windows for Windows update and install.
  2. Run Scan and Print doctor.
  3. Make sure printer is set to default.
  4. Uninstall printer driver and software.
  5. Reinstall printer driver and software.

Dell-Printer Diagnose
Strange or Garbled Characters Print

  1. Cancel print jobs.
  2. Check printer default.
  3. Print from another program.
  4. Check the connection.
  5. Reset printer.

Dell-Printer Diagnose
Offline Printer Message

  1. Check Hp printer driver.
  2. Perform power reset and check the connection.
  3. Run Scan and Print doctor.
  4. Make sure printer set to online.
  5. Check Dell printer port.

Dell-Printer Diagnose
Print Won’t Connect Wirelessly

  1. Check printer connected to wirelessly.
  2. Reconnect printer to your wireless network.
  3. Check network configuration page.
  4. Reset HP printer and reconnect.
  5. Assign the printer IP address.

Dell-Printer Diagnose
Print Job Stuck in Queue

  1. Check printer is paused or offline.
  2. Delete print que and restart.
  3. Run Scan and Print doctor.
  4. Reinstall HP printer driver.
  5. Temporarily disable firewall.

Dell-Printer Diagnose
Network Scanner Connection Lost

  1. Check scanner driver.
  2. Reconnect scanner to your wireless network.
  3. Check network configuration page.
  4. Run print and scan doctor.
  5. Uninstall and reinstall scanner driver.

HP Printer Installation Guidance

Step 1 : HP Printer Installation Guidance

Determine how you want to hook up the HP Printer. There are several ways that you can hook up modern HP printers to computers. Decide what way works best for your preferences and what your printer hardware supports.

– USB – This is the standard way that HP Printers are connect to computers. The USB wire plugs into the back of the HP Printer and connects for an USB slot on your computer. This kind of computer will be the “owner” of the printer; any other computers on the network that want to send a document to that printer will need to hook up through this computer.

– Network – Many newer HP printers can hook up directly to your network, and do not need to be physically plugged in to a computer to function. They may hook up to your router via Ethernet cable or over Wifi. So long as the printer is started up, any computer on the network can print out to it. You can also purchase print server boxes that allow you to hook up a traditional printer directly to a network.

Step 2 : HP Printer Installation Guidance

Connect the HP printer. If you are connecting vian USB, make certain to place the printer in a location that the cable can reach. If you are hooking up it to the network, make sure that the printer can either reach the router via Ethernet, or has good Wifi signal strength.

– In the event you are connecting vian USB, turn the computer on and log in to your user account. Connect the USB cable and get start the installation process.- If you are connecting via Wi-Fi, use the menu interface on the printer to look for your wireless network. You will need to use the printer’s navigation buttons to enter in your cordless password.

Step 3 : HP Printer Installation Guidance

Install the drivers. If you are connecting via USB and using any modern version of Windows or OPERATING SYSTEM X, you’re  HP printer should be detected and installed automatically. If it doesn’t you’ll need to install the drivers from the disc that arrived with the printer, or from the manufacturer’s website.

– Note: your printing device might not exactly install automatically if you are not linked to the internet. In this case, you will need to work with the disk that came with the printer to install the drivers.

Step 4 : HP Printer Installation Guidance

Add a network printer. If you are installing a network printer, you will need to include it from each computer that you want to print from. During this process, you will be installing drivers for the printer onto the computer. The printer must be linked to the network, either wirelessly or via Ethernet, before you can add it to your computer.

> > Open the Control Panel. You can access the Control -panel from the Start menu, and Windows 8 users can press the House windows key + X and choose it from the menu.

> > Choose “Devices and Printers”. This will likely open a window displaying all of the currently installed devices linked to your computer.

Step 5 : HP Printer Installation Guidance

Click “Add a printer” at the top of the window. A new dialog box will appear with a couple of options. Choose “Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer”.

> > Await Windows to search for the inkjet printer. Your network printer should show on the list after a few moments. In the event it does not, check that it is properly linked to the network. Select the printer and click Next.> >

Step 6 : HP Printer Installation Guidance

Choose to established as default. After the printer is automatically install, you will have given the option to set it as the default printer and print a test web page to ensure that it is connect properly. Note: your printer might not exactly install automatically if you are not connect to the internet.