What Is Linksys Default Password?

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Every and each Linksys router has a default password to open the Linksys router setup page. I can show you what to do while Linksys default password isn’t working.

This article will help you:

  • Discover Linksys default password in your router version.
  • In which to exchange Linksys default password on setup page?
  • What to do when default Linksys password is not working.
  • Lists of Linksys default password.

Linksys is the department of the Cisco business enterprise which manufactures some of the maximum extensively used webwork routers. This is one of the maximum used brands for broadband routers. Linksys manufactures a large collection of broadband routers in step with the wishes of each customer. “admin” on the whole used Linksys Router Password.

All Linksys routers have a integrated web based setup page that can be used to change settings or reset the Linksys router password. Earlier than getting access to the Linksys router setup page, ensure that it’s powered on and connect your laptop to one of the Ethernet Ports from 1 to 4. Broadband routers allow user to configure settings through their web browser using the factory set personal IP address.

Find your Linksys router model number.

On the flip side of Linksys router, you will see the model number of your router. note it down.

Underneath is the list of Linksys router, their default user name and password.

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Basic Information

 The default IP address of Linksys router is usually

Open web browser and within the address bar type It’ll ask you for the user name and password to get into setup page.

Remember this is the password to access the setup page. Don’t get confused between log in password and Wireless network key.

What to do if Linksys default password isn’t operating?

Reset the Linksys router: If not anything is working then you may want to Reset the Linksys router and reconfigure it from the scratch. Do not forget if you press the reset button, you will lose all the settings of the network and it will come back factory default settings.

Once you reset the router, it’s going to lose all of the settings and could come back to factory defaults. If so, you will need to reconfigure it from the scratch.

Reconfiguration of the Linksys router.

For the re-configuration of Linksys router, you do no longer need set up Cd or program. You may really open the setup page of the router and change the settings manually.


In case you are getting any trouble, you may call our Linksys Support Number (800) 245-6042

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