Linksys E900 (N300) Default Password

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Linksys E900 (N300) Default Password

Linksys E900 (N300) Default Password: The default password for all Linksys E900 router is “admin”. This password is case sensitive, like most passwords. Some router does not require a user name while logging in with the default credentials. But Linksys E900 – this is an admin, similar to the password. Linksys E900 default IP address is similar to most Linksys router: 19

Note: The model number of this device is E900 but it is often marketed as a Linksys N 300 Router. This router has only one hardware version, so all E900 routers use the same information I just mentioned.

Linksys E900 (N300) Default Password

Help! The Linksys E900 (N300) Default Password Doesn’t Work!

The username and password for your Linksys E900 router is probably not the default information as you see it above. This is because you can change the default username / password after setting up the router (and more). If you do not change the default router password, then anyone can use this information to gain access to your router’s settings. However, changing the default information means that it is very easy to forget that you have changed it! Fortunately, you can reset the router to the factory default and restore the default username and password of the Linksys E900 router.

Note: Resetting the router is not the same as restarting the router. To reset the router, the router has to remove all custom software settings (like a password) to return to their factory default settings, while restarting the router is just to turn it off and then back it up.

Here’s how to reset the router:

1-Make sure that the E900 router is plugged in and powered on.

2-Flip the router over on its top so that you have access to the bottom.

3-With a paperclip or some other small, sharp object, press and hold down the Reset button (it’s accessible through a tiny hole on the bottom of the router) for 5-10 seconds. During this time, the Ethernet ports on the back of the router should all flash simultaneously.

4-Wait 30 seconds after resetting the Linksys E9000 router just to be sure that the software has had time to reset.

5-Remove the power cable from the power port on the back of the router, and then wait 10-15 seconds before plugging it back in.

6-Wait for another 30 seconds after plugging in the power cable to make sure the router has enough time to fully boot back up.

7-Make sure the network cables are still attached to the back of the router, and then you can turn it back over to its regular position.

8-Now that the Linksys E900 settings have been restored, you can use the default IP address and admin username and password to access the configuration settings.

9-Don’t forget to change the router’s password now that it’s using the default settings again. You can also edit the username if you want to amp up the security even more. I suggest saving this new information in a free password manager so you don’t forget it again!

Note: Also remember that you will need to reconfigure the wireless network settings (such as SSID and wireless passwords) now you have reset the Linksys E900 router to its default configuration, which has cleared all this information.

Help! I Can’t Access My Linksys E900 (N300) Router!

Before you can log into it, you will need to know the router’s IP address, but if you have ever changed that address to something else, then using the default address is not working Will do.

Fortunately, you can easily find the Linsys E900 IP address without resetting the entire router like forgot usernames and passwords. All you have to do is the default gateway of the computer connected to the router. If you’re not sure how to do this, find out how to get the default gateway IP address.

Linksys E900 has only one hardware version. The Linksys website has the Linksys E900 manual, which gives you all the details about this router, including information from the top.

Any other details on this router can be found through the Linksys Wireless Router Support Page.

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