Linksys EA4500 (N900) Default Password

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Linksys EA4500 (N900) Default Password is “admin” for router. Make sure you spell it out, because this password, like most passwords, is case sensitive.

Linksys EA4500 requires a username, which is the administrator, just like the password.

Like almost all Linkes Router, Linksys EA4500 is the default IP address.

Note: The model number of this device is EA4500 but it is often marketed as the Linksys N900 Router. Also know that even though this router (1.0 and 3.0) has two hardware versions, both use the same information from above.

Linksys EA4500 (N900) Default Password


Linksys EA4500 (N900) Default Password Doesn’t Work?

Although it is important to change the password to make something more secure (especially when the password is actually as simple as an administrator), sometimes it is difficult to remember how you have changed it.

If the default Linksys EA4500 password is not working, you can easily reset the router to the default of your factory to restore the router’s settings so that they can be done before any customization.

Here’s how to reset the Linksys EA4500 router to its factory default settings:

01- Make sure the router is powered on, and then flip it around so you have access to the back where the cables are plugged in.

02- With something small and sharp (a paperclip is a good choice), press and hold down the Reset button for about 15 seconds.

03- The goal is to wait for the power indicator light to flash. It should be around 15 seconds but it might be sooner or later. Unplug the power cable for a few seconds and then plug it back in.

04- Wait another 30 seconds or so for the router to boot back up.

Now that you’ve reset the N900 router, you can log in to it from a web browser:

01- Open

02- Make sure to do this on the same network as the router. If you’re on a phone or tablet, connect to Wi-Fi. Enter the N900 default router information: admin for both the username and the password.

03- Change the default password to something other than admin, just don’t forget what you’ve changed it to! If you want, you can store the new password in a free password manager to avoid forgetting it.

04- That’s it!


Since the router has been reset, any other customization you have made has been reset like the wireless network password and SSID, DNS server settings, etc. You will have to re-enter that information to get the router back, how it was before the factory reset.

If you want to reset the router in the future, then you want to re-enter this information, you can back up the configuration of the router into the file and then to restore all the settings, Can be restored back on.

What to Do When You Can’t Access the EA4500 Router! You may call to Linksys Support Number (800) 245-6042

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