What is a Linksys Range Extender?

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linksys range extender


Linksys Range Extender: Let’s imagine, one time you family streaming favorite video, playing games online, talking someone on FaceTime and searching something over the internet and suddenly they have got a Wi-Fi dead spot-then everything stops. There is no internet access where you are in. However, some other room getting full Wi-Fi signals. At that point of time a Wi-Fi range extender will help you to boost your Wi-Fi signal to every corner of your house.

How Does a Linksys Range Extender Work?

A Range Extender is a hardware device that replicate your wireless signal from your wireless router to larger area when your normal router signal does not reach. It capture your wireless signal from your router and rebroadcasting it to areas where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or not reachable. A range extender is the shortstop that placed between you and your wireless router. It catch the signal from your wireless router and throw it to you.

Focus on your device settings while using a range extender. Maybe you do not think it, but your Wi-Fi device(like your computer, smart phone, etc….) will be connected to your router until you manually switch to your range extender network, even if your range extender is closer to your device compared to your router.

Setting Up a Linksys Range Extender

Setting up or installing a Range Extender is a very easy task if you have some technical expertise. Just plug the power cord to range extender and let it initialize. Once its done, press the WPS button on your both of the devices wireless router and range extender. Once its connected with each other, you are ready to connect to the internet. Now, place the range extender where your wireless router signal strength end goes strong, but not to close your wireless router otherwise you may not get signal where your router could not be reachable.

Normally, a best place for the range extender between the router and the device you want to connect where your router was not reachable. Range Extender suffer from similar interference with Wi-Fi router, so avoid the obstacles like concrete walls, metal objects and microwaves.

Many range extender come with software that can help estimate from placement-linksys spot finder technology, for example, provides a three-step visual guide to find the right place.

Choosing the Right Range Extender

Range extender provides a good solution for inadequate Wi-Fi coverage, as long as they match the network capabilities of your current router. Although a category extender will still work with a Wi-Fi router that has a different network speed, it will not improve or “upconvert” your existing router’s capabilities.

So do not buy fancy extensions with those features which That are not compatible with your old router equipment.
Similarly, if your current router is capable of handling high frequencies, do not skimp with an extender that has limited Wi-Fi standards. The only exception to this rule is that if you are making future proofing, advanced range extender like wireless-ac, with the intention of upgrading matching routers.

You might face some problem while setting up your Linksys Router and Linksys Range Extender. You may call our expert at (800) 245-6042

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