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Linksys Router IP is the default ip address of all the models of linksys and a few different routers. We can speak about the way to setup page of the router the use of its ip address. We can use the setup page of the router to make unique adjustments to wi-fi or net connection settings.

In each and every device, it has its own precise IP address. Suppose you are at home You have 4 – 5 computers (computer systems and laptops) and printers, and various networking devices. Now the network which will work inside, these devices are very much needed and have to deal with it so that they can talk with each other separately and can go online as well.

A router device that is capable of assigning an IP address to all gadgets in the network. So that means all your computers and gadget router have become IP addresses. This can be a very important tool in your network.

If you have a modem, then you can go online on a most effective laptop. Due to the fact the modem can provide the most effective IP address. But if you need to do one-on-one laptops at once, then you need a router.

This router also makes use of ip address. Normally for linksys router the ip address is

It is not essential that each one the routers ought to have the equal ip address of It relies upon at the manufacturer . A number of linksys voice over router uses ip address Basically, it depends on the producer.

Follow the Steps to open the router setup page:

Step 1: Open the command prompt on your computer.

Click Start .

Now just above the start button, you will see start search box.

In this box type cmd and hit enter on your keyboard.

You will see the command prompt ( a black window) .


Press the Windows key on your keyboard and press “R” on your key board. It will open the Run box.

In the Run box type cmd and hit OK. You will see the  command prompt.

Windows key is at the bottom, in between Ctrl and Alt keys.


Click Start.

Go to Programs or All programs.

Go to Accessories.

You will see Command prompt. click on it and it will open the command prompt.

Step 2 : Check the IP address of your computer.

You have already opened the command prompt.

In the command prompt type ipconfig and hit enter on your key board.

Now you will see a lot of information.

Search for the IPv4 IP address and IPv4 default gateway.

Search for the ipv4 ip cope with and ipv4 default gateway.



If computer is hard wired to the router then you’ll see the ipv4 address under Ethernet adapter connection.

If the pc is wireless then you definately will see the ipv4 address under wi-fi network connection.

Not down the IP address and default gateway range.

Default gateway is the IP addres of your router.

Open the Setup page of the router:

If you want to open the set up page then you could open the internet browser and type And notice if it ask you for the user name and password. Each router has user name and password. So if you need to get into the Linksys settings page then type into browser address bar and hit enter.



It will ask you linksys router user name and password. The default user name and password of the linksys router is “admin”

Then you may see the simple setup web page the router.


The installation page of the router is the page where you may take a look the settings of router. In case you need to test the wireless settings of the network then you could open the setup web page and take a look at the settings. n order to change the network name or password, you can open the set up page and change it.

In case you are still not capable to setup linksys router, you may contact our Linksys Support Number (800) 245-6042.

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