General McAfee Antivirus Problems


McAfee Antivirus Problem: The market is full of antivirus suits to choose according to the requirement and choice. McAfee is one of the oldest of them. This McAfee Inc. Is a leader in the antivirus market and provides antivirus solutions for home computers as well as professional computers. McAfee was formerly known as Network Associates, which is now a mark of computer security products that is developed and released from time to time.

The main McAfee features of McAfee Antivirus are:

  • On boot scanner (McAfee OAS)
  • Providing inbound and outbound firewall protection
  • Providing spyware protection
  • Self update
  • Site Advisor provides security rating of visited sites • Active System Guard Facility
  • Active Protection

Most of these features make McAfee unique from their counterparts. But these unique features anywhere are responsible for generating functional problems with their computer on a large scale due to problems arising from most users of this antivirus and lack of knowledge in the part of users. Users try to fix them themselves and make things more complicated.

Get McAfee Technical Support (800) 245-6042

Due to the problems associated with this time of antivirus market during the past few years, the popularity and utilization of macafee antivirus has been largely affected. Late, online McAfee tech support has come to save users Generally, the list of problems faced by users is relatively large compared to other antivirus brands in the market, which is driving McAfee users to change their loyalty. McAfee technical support comes forward to save customers who begin to deal with this antivirus helplessly. The main problems encountered with the use of this antivirus are discussed;
First of all, this antivirus is a huge package that captures a large space on its user’s hard disk, naturally leaves less space for other software installed on the computer. Household computers that usually have low hard disk space, are heavily influenced by this heavy antivirus suite.
Second, its processing usage is quite high, which takes a large space of RAM, which results in slowing down the computer as hanging. Even a heavy software virus and malware detection rate of an antivirus is not available for free on the Net. The startup or booting time of computers with McAfee security gets much higher than those without it. It leaves the user unaware of the real problem, which thinks there are some hardware problems in the computer.
Scanning time is long, and sometimes it does not take permission from the user to start troubleshooting scans on the user’s part. In the end, it is not one of those easily removable antivirus software. If the customer wants to uninstall it then it is a real headache to get rid of antivirus because it has a tendency to be installed on the computer. Although the above mentioned problems are not serious and can easily be dealt with by the professional, but a simple user can be impossible to deal with themselves. With the help of McAfee Technical Assistance like the McAfee Technical Support Number 24×7, online or on the phone can be easily availed by customers facing any problem with the software on the McAfee software.

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