How to set up Linksys Velop

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setup Linksys Velop


Initial setup Linksys Velop

Setup Linksys Velop: The first step, you must to connect one of your Velop node. Connect power and network cable and let your node light turn blue. While its getting ready, insall Linksys app on your mobile device. Once the app installed, open it and tap on Launch setup button like in Figure A, and app will try to search your first node. Once the node light is purple, the app should immediate locate the device.

Figure A

setup Linksys Velop

Linksys has found a node!

Click on Next and you will be prompted to create an account to associate with your mesh network (Figure B).

setup Linksys Velop

Creating a new account.

In the next screen (Figure C), you need to setup your wireless name and password. At this point, I highly recommend you to setup strong password and remember it .

Figure C

setup Linksys Velop

Naming your wireless network.

In (Figure D) you need to provide the name of node. You may also choose pre-defined location name as well.

Figure D

setup Linksys Velop

Naming your node.

That’s it. Your first node is set up. Now, click on the next, in the next screen (Figure E), you may choose either you want to add another node or you are done.

Figure E

setup Linksys VelopYour node is ready.

If you choose to add another node, you need plug the power cord to another node and follow onscreen instruction to setup second node in your network.

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